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Talking ’bout politics

The first round of talks on the new Iraqi government ended today. The largest Shi’ite group decided to stay away; not an entirely good sign, but not a disaster quite yet.

In Nasiriya, there were protests over American presence in Iraq: “No to America, No to Saddam.” Under the logic that I should recant my opposition to the war because the Iraqi people were happy to be rid of Saddam, I’m assuming that anyone who believes we should maintain a presence in Iraq should change their minds because there’s a significant number of Iraqis who’d be happy for us to leave.

No? You mean there’s more to the morality of politics than just seeing who cheers for what? Damn, didn’t realize it was that complex.

Paul Reynolds has a nice BBC piece about chemical weapons and so on. His only conclusion is that it’s important for both the US and the UK to find the weapons we claimed Iraq had, and I think this is precisely accurate. More on this in a moment.

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