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Crystal roundball

I might as well make some bad predictions about the NBA playoffs, right?

First Round

Spurs over the Suns, because rookies can only lift you so far.
Kings over the Jazz, because… well, it should be obvious. The Kings are hungry.
Mavs over the Trailblazers, cause the Trailblazers just can’t handle the playoffs.
Lakers over the Timberwolves, because the Lakers have enough talent to get past the first round.

Pistons over the Magic, despite Ben Wallace being out. The Magic are nowhere this year.
Nets over the Bucks, cause the Nets have a lot of talent which will carry them through this year until Jason Kidd leaves.
Pacers over the Celtics, which I really hate to say. It should be an interesting series, and the Celtics could win it if they got on a streak, but they won’t.
Hornets over the Sixers, which is a bit of a gamble but without Coleman at his best the Sixers are in trouble.

Second Round

Lakers over Spurs, because Shaq is in Duncan’s head. I could easily be wrong here but that’s my guess.
Kings over the Mavs, because in the end you gotta play defense.

Pistons over Hornets, because defense wins championships.
Pacers over Nets, because they’ve been on that interesting roll all season and Isaiah found himself a good system.


Kings over the Lakers, because it’s the year. The Kings are solid all the way through and the Lakers are severely flawed.

Pacers over Pistons, because lack of offense does not win championships. You can’t play 4 on 5 on the offensive end, and the Pistons have such a broad offensive scheme that Wallace simply won’t make as much of a difference as he does when he can focus on a few players.


Kings over Pacers. West versus the East. You know how it goes.

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