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I'm only bleeding

I didn’t think much about the Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” (Quicktime video) when I heard about it. I figured it’d be a kind of novelty thing, like most of the aging star covering once-edgy alternative music songs are.

OK, I was wrong. It’s amazing. Go watch the video. Wow.


  1. When our finances improve, I’m going to buy all of those Johnny Cash cover albums, I think. I’ve heard several pieces off of them and been impressed by all of them.

    I’m not a Johnny Cash fan, but I love a well-done cover.

  2. Same here, and… hey!

    Oh. OK, the Tear Stained Letter on American IV is not the Richard Thompson song. Still, pretty cool…

  3. In the reverse direction, Stan Ridgway did a good cover of “Ring of Fire” with Wall of Voodoo.

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