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Roundball day one

About yesterday’s NBA action

Nothing surprising happened in Dallas, New Jersey, or Sacramento. As expected, the Sacramento/Utah series looks like it’ll be the most enjoyable series of the playoffs. As far as I’m concerned, watching those two teams play each other for a minimum of four games justifies the seven-game first round.

I would not be surprised if Byron Scott went to his players before that first game and pointed out that if they don’t go a long way into the playoffs this year, Jason Kidd will be playing elsewhere next season.

My first reaction to the Celtics win: well, sure, if Pierce hits 21 of his 21 free throws and Walker goes .500 from the floor, the Celtics will win. But how likely is that to happen every night? My second reaction: on the other hand, Battie won’t get ejected every night either. Hm. My third reaction: I wonder if Ron Mercer feels stupid yet. Anyhow, there’s plenty of time for the Pacers to turn it around.

Phoenix got lucky twice but San Antonio deserved to lose. Consider that Duncan went 7 for 12 and Robinson went 8 for 8 — from the floor. Then consider that Tony Parker and Stephen Jackson both got more shots than Duncan, and Malik Rose and Emanuel Ginobili got more shots than Robinson. You’re the Spurs. You own the paint, with the best big man duo in the game today. How do you manage to take 24 three pointers? Also: don’t miss three out of four free throws in the last ten seconds or so of the game. Sigh.

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