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Come to the dork side

PETA offered the town of Hamburg, New York a cool $15,000 to change its name. To Veggieburg. Well, no; on rereading the article they actually offered the town $15,000 worth of non-meat patties. For the schools.

“Ham” is old Saxon for “banks,” you know. Or anyhow, you know now. Hamburgers are named after the town. Clearly PETA should be campaigning to change the name of the meat product, as naming the vile meat after a town is a slur on the noble history of the place. Town yes! Meat no!

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  1. Dor Dor

    Just more evidence that PETA is insane. Do they really think that Fishkill has anything to do with killing fish? Do they think Catskill refers to violent felines? Or are they just trying to grab attention any way they can?

    Personally, I’m betting on a combination of stupidity and grandstanding.

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