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So, cartoons

So, this cartoon. It’s from a newish online comic strip, which has found an audience by being fervently right-wing. The art isn’t bad. OK, all well and good. Occasionally I see right-wing bloggers chuckling at a strip and I can usually see why.

But, y’know, that cartoon.

I gotta ask. Is the artist aware that the Dems are in fact blocking only a handful of nominees? Jeff Sutton got through, no problems. Deborah Cook just got through. Michael McConnell got through. Dennis Shedd got through. Timothy Tymkovich got through.

The claims that the Democrats are trying to block all of Bush’s nominees are just, well, lies. Do a little hunting and you can find a number of progressive groups bitching about the nominees who aren’t being blocked.

You wouldn’t know it from the cartoon, though.



    Senator Cornyn writes:

    “They are using the filibuster not simply to ensure adequate debate, but actually to block many of our nation’s numerous judicial vacancies from being filled.”

    “After extensive debate, Miguel Estrada, Priscilla Owen and countless others enjoy enthusiastic, bipartisan majority support, yet they face an uncertain future of indefinite debate.”

    There’s a lot more points I take issue with in this piece, but it makes fairly clear that the party line is the Democrats are threatening “many” or “countless” nominations.

  2. Indeed. (How I love saying that.)

    I actually don’t object to cartoonists making shit up. I like my morning Doonesbury, after all, and Trudeau isn’t always 100% accurate. But hey, someone’s got to point out the errors.

  3. Well, yeah. My point is just that if your only source of news is Republican senators, it’s pretty easy to get the impression that no nominees are getting through at all.

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