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Quick little followup on Jimmy Wynn:

Jay Bookman wrote an editorial about Wynn in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (Read it while you can; it’ll move to a paid archive at some point.) From the summaries of his past columns, I wouldn’t call him a conservative — he looks pretty liberal to me. He defended Wynn and praised the decisions made by the GBI. So, I guess that’s who’ll speak out against this injustice. Liberal columnists.

I dropped Mr. Bookman an email discussing the question of Wynn’s propensities towards violence, by the by, and he kindly replied. He went out and did the kind of real research that local journalists can do, and talked to some of Wynn’s friends, so his conclusions regarding Wynn’s personality are based on more palpable evidence than my Web searches. I’m still not totally convinced, given the tendency towards obfuscation that exists in the militia movement, but I’m not unconvinced either.

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