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In my dreams

The political commercial I’d like to see:

OPEN on a shot of Rick Santorum. Smarmy still shot. Something that makes him look like he’s preaching.

VOICEOVER: “This man…”

CUT to similar shot of Bush.

VOICEOVER: “And this man…”

CUT to freezeframe of the infamous Newlywed Game footage. It’s the woman looking embarassed, giggling, caught in the camera’s lens.

VOICEOVER: “Want to send this couple to jail.”

The freezeframe leaps into life. The woman’s speaking, giggling around the words. “I guess that’d be up the butt, Bob.”

CUT to Democratic Party logo. Swelling music.

VOICEOVER: “Vote Democrat. Because we trust you to make your own decisions about that sort of thing.”

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  1. Population: One suggests a political ad I’d like to see. And yes, though you may have heard it was an

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