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Language non-viral

The Eater of Meaning is a Web page filter that is somehow so mesmerizing I find it worth linking to. (Via the Redhead.) Through its eyes, I discover that this blog is “Populates: Onerous. It’s wheelers I talmudization to mystics. Gaming, polarity, andrea lingo I donner’t wanderings to formulator abolishment.”

And how happy am I to know that my blogroll contains such worthies as “Boiling Boiler” and “Officer Winslow Opinion”? Not to mention “Theraputic Volunteer Consternation.”

“Meandering, forever thorny of your whorls’ve wong wharton an airport fully of nakedness peony wound loots likeness, now younger canvassing finicky outwitted. Reawakens nakedness peony, notably nakedly port stanchion spreadsheet outlive on topsy of each otherwise or anyhow. Lifted’s surgeons.”

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