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Bugging out

Iraq update:

I haven’t yet been willing to say that we should give up on finding WMD in Iraq, although I think it’s pretty damned unlikely. Might be about time to take that step. The 75th Exploitation Task Force, which is the group in charge of finding WMD in Iraq, is getting ready to head home. (Via CalPundit.)

Boy. Remember during the war when we were told that Saddam had issued chemical weapons to the Republican Guard? I guess when the Guard was giving up, they remained loyal enough to Saddam to destroy those weapons with methods so complete that we can’t find any traces of them. While they were slipping away into the countryside.

Also, Barbara Bodine has been relieved as US coordinator for central Iraq. That’s good news, since she was the one who made that little mistake about Kuwait and Iraq in the early 90s. Interestingly, the Washington Post reports that Jay Garner will be heading home too.

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