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Dented Volvo rear

That was kind of an exciting Mother’s Day. My brother, my sister-in-law, and I had a nice trip down to the Cape to visit Mom, dined on fish and chips, and headed back up north. Right before the Sagamore Bridge, some guy in a Dodge Ram rearended us at around 40 MPH. Dodge Ram 2500s are huge — I’m six feet tall and the hood of this thing was up to my chin. My brother’s Volvo is probably totalled; the Ram has a big dent in the bumper and that’s it. Impressive.

We’re all OK, the Dodge Ram guy is OK, and his young daughter didn’t even notice the impact. Did I mention how impressive the Ram was? Bloody tank, I’ll tell you.

But the whole thing left me a little shaken up.

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  1. *many many many hugs*

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