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Well, that's no good

Mr. Sterling, titan of the Friday night prime time landscape, will not be returning next fall. Total cliffhanger: now I’ll never know if he was gonna get reelected! I imagine I will assuage my grief with badly written fanfic…

No, no, I won’t do that.

It is more or less being replaced by this:

Kate Fox (Silverstone) works as an associate in her father’s Los Angeles law office. In addition to being a sharp divorce attorney, Kate has a knack for matchmaking. She considers her gift a hobby until a socialite bride credits Kate and word of her talent spreads. Soon Kate is juggling the conflicting worlds of divorce and true love. Her father Jerry would rather she focused on work — and her reluctant law partner Nick couldn’t agree more. However, Kate is determined to “spread the love.” Plus, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger (David Conrad, Relativity) may help her find true love in the process.

Well, that’s just super. Damn it, where the hell am I going to get my fix of poorly plotted improbable Washingtonian drama now… Oh.


  1. Let me get this. You’re actually complaining that Alicia Silverstone will be on TV every week?

    I really don’t understand men.

  2. Nah, it’s pretty simple. Some of us like blondes, and some of us have a distinct weakness for petite brunettes. I like to think of this as the Christie Brinkley/Winona Ryder Gap, just for the sake of dating myself horribly. I happen to be on the Winona side of the gap.

  3. I’ve been trying for the past hour to think of a time when I’ve watched a teevee show solely on account of one of the stars, and I just can’t. Which is odd – I can certainly choke down an entire movie for the sake of an actor. A particularly helpful example – I will watch Lisa Kudrow in anything – except Friends.

    (I have no idea what I’ll do in the event of a Friends movie.)

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