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Data baseless

Well, that sucked. If anyone cares, I’m running MySQL 3.23.55 on OpenBSD 3.2 running on an old Mac. It is flaky — MySQL, that is. Sometimes database access just fails. This happened big time last night; I couldn’t even load my previous entry for editing. All messed up.

Whenever this gets too annoying, I try and get MySQL 4.0 running; it doesn’t ever work, for reasons that are beyond me. The compile goes OK, I can get the daemon running, but the mysql client can’t connect to it. I’d think I was using an old version of the client but the client straight out of the source tree fails too. Go figure.

This time around the trigger that inspired me to go for the upgrade was a corrupt mt_entries table. As usual, the upgrade failed, so I downgraded and managed to recover the corrupt table. But man.

Yes, this would all be much less painful if I ran RedHat on an old x86 box.


  1. augh.
    And I’ve been thinking of moving my web stuff over to my OS X box. Bleh.

  2. Well, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’d fail on an OS X box — OpenBSD is different enough from OS X that I wouldn’t conclude it’d fail there. In fact, I was thinking about getting mysql up on my OS X server and using that as the backend for a while.

  3. We’re running MT on OS X and we’ve had a little trouble with the DB here and there, but mostly when we messed with it to recover passwords. My husband is involved in the MT wiki project and might be able to point you in the right direction for docs and such if you decide that’s the way to go.

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