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WISH 47 is Learning Your Lesson, as follows:

Name one lesson you learned in gaming that you will (hopefully) never have to learn again.

So mine is “Differentiate.” I had an awful problem early in my gaming career; I tended to see other people doing cool stuff and I wanted to do the same cool stuff. Self-esteem issues, probably. At one point a friend pointed out in no uncertain terms that I was stepping on her character’s schtick.

I think that I don’t do that any longer, in part because I have a fairly strong belief that I can come up with my own cool ideas. I still have a tendency to worry about toe-stepping.


  1. Wow, good one. There’s plenty of players who want the “coolest” trophy — few realize you shouldn’t persue it at other’s expense.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it took said friend whacking me with a rolled up newspaper; I’m lucky to have someone who a) noticed and b) valued my friendship enough to help me fix the problem.

  3. On behalf of the many players whose cool stuff you didn’t steal or copy, thanks!

    I used to game with a guy who always wanted all the cool stuff, no matter whether it was built for his character or not. It ruined me on one character where the GM practically had to put out treasure with my character’s name engraved on it to make sure I got anything. No fun!

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