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Reagan is a piker

Showtime is filming a two hour movie based on Bush’s 9/11 actions. This might be a good time to refer back to the CCR timeline of his movements on that day. I’m suspecting that since the movie is put together by a White House supporter who describes himself as “a member of the administration,” it won’t really touch on the sense of uncertainty one gets from that chronology.

I’m pretty much gobsmacked, here. I’m not big on the “What liberal media?” call, because there are some aspects of our media which are very liberal — and some which are very conservative. However, I can’t believe Showtime is going to air a two hour campaign commercial. You can talk about the media loving Clinton if you like, but man, his movie was Primary Colors.


  1. Yeah, but Primary Colors had Travolta (just before the luster of Pulp Fiction had totally faded), Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, and J.R. Ewing. The Big Dance has… Uh… The guy from that Metallica video.

    The cool thing, in my mind, is that by taking the road they have with this movie – presenting Bush’s actions in absolutely the best possible light, bordering on fabrication – they open the door for another movie to do exactly the opposite. Not that I think anyone will take up that mantle, but it sure would be nice if they did.

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