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The big leagues

Daily Kos, who is among the top five liberal bloggers, got a gig working for Howard Dean as a political consultant. From his disclosure post, his focus is going to be on providing services for the Internet campaign.

Now, “rah rah bloggers affecting politics rah.” Take that as said. And, yeah, it’s interesting that Dean chose a blogger to manage his online community. But I think it’s more interesting contemplating the fact that Dean cares about his online community at all. Blogs are part of that. So are the Dean Meetups, which have touched far more people than the Dean weblog. (Note that the Meetups translate into real world action in the form of charity work.)

He’s certainly polling higher, so something’s working. I think his core messages are fairly powerful, and he’s found a good way to broadcast those messages. The next step is convincing his Internet constituency to amplify those messages and talk about them to people who could care less about the Internet. If he can make that happen, he’s got a pretty solid chance of winning the nomination.

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