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Mock money

A while back, Julian Dibbell wrote one of those articles about MMORPG economies. You know the kind, all breathless and interested. He’s the guy who wrote that article on LambdaMOO, too. I don’t know if we owe him a debt of thanks for that or not.

In the interests of putting his, well, money where his mouth is, he’s now keeping a blog (via Kottke) chronicling his attempts to make money in UO. Solid stuff, particularly his reporting on the recent UO “gold farm” scandal. Read it from the beginning.

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  1. So last night I was all ready to finally finish Pattern Recognition. But Bryant Durrell spoiled my best-laid plans by posting about an intriguing project by Julian Dibbell. Dibbell wrote about the booming business of working online RPG economics to gen…

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