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Christians only

Unsurprisingly, Bush’s faith-based programs have taken that fateful next step. This one involves the Head Start preschool program. In eight states, it’s now possible for religious organizations running Head Start programs to discriminate in hiring based on religion.

This is ludicrous. The rationale is that religious organizations might not participate without being able to discriminate. I am forced to say “So?” Religious groups that feel the need to discriminate based on religion are not appropriate teachers for our children.


  1. t.rev t.rev

    BZZZT! You used the term ‘our children’. This immediately invalidates the content of your statement and marks you as a liar and a scoundrel. Try again.

  2. Rev keeps me honest.

    Delete “our”, leaving only “children.”

  3. I don’t know. I don’t think that the lack of having children of your own invalidates the feeling that there is some personal investment in the education and raising of children in our society.

    I guess, in some ways, I think it does take a community to raise a child (which contradicts directly with other feelings I have about raising children, but I never said I wasn’t a contradictory person), so I have no problems with the term ‘our children’.

    What these children grow up to be and do impacts the entire society that they live in. One of these children could conceivably grow up one day to be president. That pretty distinctly makes, to me, the concept of ‘our children’ very, very valid.

    Unless you’re meaning something else, in which case, ignore me. 🙂

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