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It’s not time to vote yet. Maybe soon. Who knows?

It’s a pretty tricky issue. The problem is that if elections are held now, you’re going to get either Islamic extremists or Baathist remnants in power. In many ways, Jay Bremer is right. The long-term goal of a democratic country would be poorly served by holding elections right this minute.

This is not, however, news. Most anti-war people noted this problem many months ago. The problem is not that Bremer is putting off elections, it’s that he doesn’t have any clear plan on how to get to them — as predicted. Unfortunately, saying “So what will we do when we win?” was apparently a sign of anti-Americanism.

I think it’s pretty reasonable to ask for a plan at this stage of the game. It’s not as if we’re asking for military secrets. Rather, we’re interested in the question of reconstruction. Surely a wider understanding of how to reconstruct a severely damaged country (damage mostly done by Saddam, just to be clear) would be good for the world?

P.S.: We can’t look at the Afghanistan model, cause it isn’t working. So says the notably left-wing commie pinko symp loonie liberal group known as the Council on Foreign Relations.

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