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The Game Boy Advance SP is the best computer gaming device I’ve bought in two years and it’s a close second to my Windows PC as the best gaming device I’ve ever bought. It blows my Playstation and Playstation 2 away. Man, what a cool little device.

I had an old Game Boy Color, and it was OK, but it did not have the superslick form factor of the Advance SP. This thing is small enough to carry around comfortably in one hand. Plus it’s got a backlit screen. Plus the CPU is powerful enough to do interesting games.

I am basically a casual gamer, and having a reasonable powerful game system that I can honestly carry in my pocket is perfect for me. Advance Wars is a great turn-based strategy title, and Crash Bandicoot is a decent platformer. Wario Ware, Inc is bizarre and fast paced and I can dump half an hour into it at a time. Which is really the key factor. The Game Boy Advance SP is powerful enough to give me good gaming experiences, but not so powerful that all the games are complex 100 hour extravaganzas of challenge. It rules.

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