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Angel skies

I tossed this off in a friend’s comment section, but now I want to save it. Excelsior.

It’s Las Vegas. 1960. The Rat Pack is headlining the Sands. And the Angel Pack is patrolling the skies…

Jack Diamond: he’s a hard man, the hardest, skin like diamond and quips like knives. You couldn’t scratch him with a .45. (Note: parallel evolution.)

Angie “Angel” Spencer: team leader, irreverent British heiress, with immense white overarching wings. She flies, and she knows when you’ve been naughty.

The Man of the Hour: master of time, and servant to eternity. He’s living the best hour of his life over and over again.

“Bang Bang” Benny: he’s short, he cracks wise at the wrong time, and he’s from Brooklyn — but he can shoot a guy at three hundred yards, without a gun.

Silent Nasrudin, Master of Magicks: you mistake him for a simple stage magician at your peril, for his illusions reach far deeper than you might expect.


  1. t.rev t.rev

    HEY HEY HEY! Jack Diamond is MINE damn you!

    PLAYBOY, formerly Jack Diamond, Junior Ace, sidekick to USAction during WW2. Now the head of Diamond Industries, a major defense contractor. Skilled martial artist, good at everything (5 -five!- overall levels) and access to the latest technology.

    From the Heroes Incorporated site. MINE MINE MINE

  2. t.rev t.rev

    Note: my Jack Diamond character even has Rat Pack influences. The Heroes, Incorporated campaign is currently set in 1964. MINE MINE MINE

  3. Dude! You have to keep your fictional characters under control! He just kinda wandered in.

  4. I’ve played two characters whom, if I melded them, would turn out to be Angel Spencer. Wisecracking British heiresses are a stock-in-trade of mine.

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