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It's a game, right?

Sports Illustrated recently launched a new fantasy baseball game. It complements their existing fantasy baseball game, I suppose. It’s called Baseball Challenge: Salary Cap Challenge.

Yep. It’s a fantasy baseball game that sells itself with the salary cap. As a Celtics fan laboring under the emotional weight of the Vin Baker trade, I find this painfully depressing. It doesn’t look like it’s really that different than any other fantasy baseball game — salary caps are nothing new in that world — but did they have to sell it as the “Cripple Your Team For Years With One Stupid Guaranteed Contract Challenge”? (Rephrasing mine.)

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  1. I weaned myself from fantasy baseball in the middle of last season, but I’d played TSN’s salary cap baseball game for quite a while (it used to be run by a smaller company, SmallWorld Sports, which was bought by TSN). It’s a great game, and has both a pay and free version. I’ve played their hoops game, too, and it’s a lot of fun. Not much of a football fan, though.

    One more free game for you — MadBall. The game sprang out of a conversation at the forums that us Dead Parrots hang out at, so several of us had some input into its construction. I believe Vic’s was the original idea that sparked the game. But it’s actually quite simple, and quite fun.

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