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Change of plans

That’s interesting. The pricing on CafePress books just dropped to 4.5 cents a page for wire-o and saddle stitch and 3 cents a page for perfect bound. The base price for wire-o stayed at five bucks, saddle stich base pricing dropped to four bucks, and perfect bound went up to seven bucks.

So the hypothetical 32 page comic book now costs, um, $5.44. The 250 page paperback costs $14.50. Now we’re talking.

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  1. Hey, here’s a good example. 120 pages, perfect bound, color cover, B&W interior. Published through CafePress, it would give a profit of $4.35. (Under the old pricing, it still would have been at a profit – $1.75) Admittedly, I think I picked the book in the series with the highest price/page ratio. This one would have a base price of $13.24 through CafePress, still low enough to make a profit at the $17 list price. (Old pricing, $18.48 base price.)

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