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Can't coach height

Someone needs to let the Raptors know that it’s quality, not quantity. Doing PR work to discuss signing Jason Kidd is one thing. PR work to hype the signing of a guy — Mengke Bateer — who averaged less than 1 point a game last season is another thing.

And they haven’t even signed the guy yet. They’re hoping to sign him. There can’t possibly be any serious competition for him. How pathetic is it to say “well, we’re hoping to sign the second best Chinese-born player in the NBA”? Pretty damned pathetic.

Previously, their big free agent announcements were Jerome Moiso and Milt Palacio. I like Palacio a lot, and he’s a servicable backup point guard if your primary point guard doesn’t get hurt a lot. However, they’re not exactly worldbeaters.

In conclusion: nyah nyah, nyah nyah, Paul Pierce turned out to be better than Vince Carter after all. Thanks, and I’ll be here all week.

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