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Galway to Gencon

I’m off to Gen Con soon; specifically, I’m leaving Thursday. Blogging may be sporadic during that time, or it may be frequent — it all depends on what kind of wireless access I can find in the convention center. I’ll have my laptop and — hey, why not? — my camera. In fact, I’ll set up a Typepad photo blog for those so they don’t clog things up over here.

If you happen to be planning to attend Gen Con, I will be playing a metric ton load of Shadowfist and will likely be at the Z-Man Games booth off and on. I might also be at the Vivendi Games booth. Or drop me an email.

As far as I know there’s no blogger meet set up, which is a pity. I should stop thinking of these things two days in advance.

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  1. Li Li

    Welcome to Indianapolis. If you find you need a break from the con, it’s right across West St. from some of the better downtown attractions, such as the zoo, a couple of museums, and the baseball stadium.

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