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Things I want to remember

Look, it’s the only place I have where I can put the packing list and be constantly reminded of it.

  • iBook

    * charger

    * DVDs?

    * memory card reader

  • Camera

    * Batteries

  • Shadowfist cards
  • Razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair bands
  • Wrestling tapes
  • GBA

    * Games: AW II, AW, Crash, Yoshi’s Island, p’raps Warioware

    * Charger

  • Cell phone charger
  • iPod & headphones


  1. underwear, dammit, underwear!

    ok, ok, and business cards.

  2. Too late for business cards, I’ve forgotten those already. Where are you when I need you?

    Underwear. I /suppose/…

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