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First things first: Indianpolis is not big on the wireless access. The nearest Starbucks to the convention center is in Conseco Fieldhouse, and while it was a pleasure seeing Larry Bird’s arena, they did not have wireless. If you’d been around Saturday morning, you’d have seen me warwalking down the street trying to nail down one of the maddeningly unstable wireless connections emanating from sixth floor apartments. I had no luck.

Next year I’m going to bring an Airport and a hub and try and sneak ‘em into the “check your email” stations. It was irksome — if you’re going to pay for Internet, why not hook up wireless alongside the PCs?

Bitching aside, some comments about the city and the convention center. Indy’s a good place to have a convention. There are about a billion hotels connected to the center via Skywalk, and a mall, and it’d be pretty easy to never go outside the entire con. The facilities were good, with plenty of mediocre food in the center. I liked my hotel fine, although I will be finding a cheaper hotel with Internet access next year.

Who, me, withdrawal? Well, yeah.

More Gencon recaps to follow. See also my photo album.


  1. anonymous anonymous

    what is the pop. of indiana

  2. Check out for free wireless (and wired) downtown in Indianapolis. It’s about 11 blocks north of where you were at and it is a heck of alot nicer atmosphere than a starbucks (great coffee and food, too).

    Oh, it is sponsored in part by the local Mac Experience store and local Mac users group (they are PC friendly, also).

    Population of Indianapolis is around 1 million people (about 250,000 live outside of city limits which is kinda weird…urban sprawl)

  3. Hey, nice! Thanks for the pointer; I’ll be back next year…

  4. Mark Bement Mark Bement

    Tell me what the population in Indianopolis

  5. anonymous anonymous

    tell me the size of only indianapolis???

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