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Stuff I got

I always spend too much money at Gen Con.

Dark Inheritance totally tweaked my fondness for Christian mythos modern fantasy. It’s also a very nice piece of work; I concur with the reviews linked to on the Mythic Dreams Studios site. Probably useful for all kinds of D20 Modern games. I think the coolest aspect of the game is that it’s a D20 Modern fantasy game that blows off the D&D tropes. It goes way beyond the suddenly limited-seeming settings that come with D20 Modern.

I picked up a lot of Dying Earth books. I was quite pleased to have done so. Pelgrane was also repping the new Hogshead Publishing. Somewhat to my surprise, Hogshead’s D20 Modern Crime Scene books were really good; I’d have bought them if I hadn’t been buying so much Vancian goodness. They’re professional-looking and the material inside is good law enforcement reference material. Considering that Mark Ricketts only bought the company in February, I am deeply impressed that he got quality product out so quickly.

Time of Crisis has a superhero team made up of simians, so you know that’s good. Also in the simian category: Gorilla Warfare, which on brief readthrough is one of the better Feng Shui supplements I’ve read in a while. John Seavey is moving onto my list of RPG writers to watch.

I preordered Phil Brucato’s new game, Deliria. I may come to regret it, but it looks kind of like what I wanted Changeling to be.


  1. There is a livejournal community called “d20reviews” which you might be interested in. I think they would be interested in you 🙂

  2. Deleria was a preview copy? Shit. I had assumed it was the finished product, and it looked so shoddily put together I ignored it…

  3. Ayup, it was. I don’t think they had a very good presence at the booth; the person I talked to knew very little about the game.

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