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Blairing inconsistencies

Adam Tinworth brought me up to date on the David Kelly story, and rather than just rephrase his words I thought I’d simply quote his comment:

You might want to note that Dr Kelly has turned out to be much more senior than the Government tried to make out. You might also want to note that one of journalists Kelly spoke with has a tape of the conversation. The story moves on, and it’s swinging back in the BBC’s favour.

The indications are that David Kelly was in fact somewhat of a guru on the subject of WMD, and that the BBC is going to be able to back up its claims. In related news, more Britons trust the BBC than trust the government. The Guardian also informs us that Geoff Hoon (the Defence Secretary) has been caught lying about whether he’d ever met David Kelly.

Edit: Tinworth, not Tinsworth. Ten lashs with a wet noodle for me.


  1. I’ve been engaging in debate (well, correction) with Bryant over on his weblog, leading to this follow-up post….

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  3. The whole Kelly thing is getting more and more interesting, by the way. Take this for example…

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