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Wiki'd witch

“Couple of days of light posting there, huh?”

Yeah, a lot of my creative energies got sidetracked over here. It’s a wiki for the Unknown Armies game I’m in. I kind of blame John for reminding me what a cool medium wikis can be. They’re basically Web notebooks — anyone can edit a page, and it’s very easy to create a new page. Active wikis grow like ivy, twining in odd and unexpected directions, creating a hedge maze of hypertext.

Wikis make an absolutely great medium for talking about roleplaying campaigns that have conspiratorial elements, or secret history, or mysteries. Our UA wiki has shed light on quite a few previously unsuspected connections. Very useful and rewarding. I think it’d also be interesting to use a wiki to design a world.

Other gaming wikis I’ve found, in no particular order:


  1. Flit Flit

    How hard is it to install? Does the version you’re using have revision control? (So that it’s possible to rollback if someone goofs a page.) It might be useful to have one for GOMO/Khem; then Brad could post straight into it.

  2. Super easy. As in, drop a php file in place and edit a conf file. Revision control — yes.

    I could do the install for you with ease.

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