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Time limits exist

I’m linking to this fairly amusing article on the Texas Democrat walkout not because I am shocked and horrified by the thought that the Republicans may try to delay elections, since I’m not. I could care less if the Republicans want to delay primaries; I see no real reason why primaries should be part of the legal framework of American elections. If the real elections happen without the Republicans selecting a candidate, well, that has its own rewards.

I’m more interested in it because it holds the hint of a deadline. The Democrats get to come back when it’s too late for the feds to redistrict and still make the candidate filing deadline… whoops, for the primaries. Wouldn’t you just know it?

Sigh. Institutionalized two-party system. What fun.


  1. Did that article really say:

    And Senate Republicans… today are expected to OK penalties that could include… eliminating [Democrats’] Capitol and cutting off their cell phones.

    That seems… extreme. It’s fairly nice, as Capitols go, too.

  2. I just assumed it was some weird Texas thing and each party has its own Capitol. The governor chooses which one to use. No?

  3. The Statesman needs better proofing. It’s their Capitol *parking* that the Republicans are trying to take away. As in, the senators and their staff lose their parking places. They’re also going to take away the floor passes for the staffers. It’s really petty shit.

    The amusing thing to note about all this is that in theory the state legislature shouldn’t have to meet again to need parking and floor privileges until 2005. “Pay up or we won’t let you vote in the next session you’re going to boycott” is not a scary threat.

    The Republicans are not concerned about moving the primary because they are confident that George W. will carry the Republican primary and the state in the general in November. If there were an actual presidential primary race on the Republican side, things would be different. And if the Democratic presidential candidates get screwed, that’s just a bonus.

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