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WISH #61

WISH 61 asks:

Come up with a character concept for one to three other gamers you know. System, genre, stats (if you even bother with stats) up to you. How did the gamer(s) influence the concept(s) you came up with? Would you play the character(s) you came up with yourself?

OK, that’s an awesome question.

So, let’s see. System will be Exalted, cause I’ve kind of been on an Exalted kick of late. And I will pick on the core members of my old group back in California, because I miss them.

Brad gets the old geezer who just Exalted. I think probably Dawn Caste. Brad has an old geezer with lots of skills concept who I’m not sure he’s ever gotten to play, so this seems like it’d be a fun twist. The Charms would have to be a smattering from all over, enhancing his years of knowledge, and then he’s got the kick butt Dawn Caste stuff going for him. Rejuvenated.

Carl gets an Eclipse Caste Exalted, because I like his charismatic NPCs but I don’t ever see him playing charismatic PCs. Or, rather, I don’t see him playing talkers, and I’d like to see it. Also, Exalted might just be big enough to encompass his ability to stretch the boundaries of plausibility. “Sure, you can pick up the warship and carry it overland.”

Gretchen gets a Night Caste who was raised by feral animals, and only really gained self-awareness when she Exalted, for old times sake. (It’s a canine concept and a weapon concept!) More seriously, I very much admire her portrayal of non-human characters, and I like the way she treats the seriousness of killing, and I think that concept would give her room to do interesting things in both fields.

I could play any of these three characters, but none of them are my style per se.

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  1. Flit Flit

    *laugh and laugh and laugh*

    These are so perfect! Raised by wolves indeed. Snerk!

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