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Happy birfday

985 posts, 265,000 page views, 100,000 visits, and 5 gigabytes of data transferred. Not exactly ground-breaking, but certainly more than I expected when I got this puppy underway. Happy first birthday to Population: One!

Thanks to everyone who links and especially to everyone who reads. I write all this for myself, but I won’t pretend it’s not ego-gratifying to have readers.

Party hats are available at the door.


  1. Happy Birthday, PopOne!

  2. A very happy birthday to you, website!

    But… Maybe I missed something somewhere, but how is it the articles go back to July 2002? Am I just being thick?

  3. Oh poop.

    OK, so my /stats/ only go back to August 27th, 2002.

    It’s the birthday (observed), damn it.

  4. Sweet! Happy birthday. 🙂

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