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Three worlds over

(Boston, MA) August 28th, 2003 — Innocence Games announced today that it has acquired the license to publish tabletop roleplaying games based on the classic pulp works of William S. Burroughs. The license encompasses both the Warlord of Mars series and the popular Naked Jungle series, starring Tarzan. Innocence Games will release their first Burroughs game in Q4 2004: Tarzan, Lord of the Interzone, based on the first of the Naked Jungle books. Later supplements will incorporate Burroughs’ complex Mars mythology into the world of the Interzone and its street-raised King.

The new games will use the critically acclaimed Transpulp gaming system, the smoothest pulp gaming system on the market. They will be compatible with other Innocence Games releases, including Doc Gold and The Savage Silver Planet.

Projected features of Lord of the Interzone include:

  • Complete transubstantiation mechanics for both Christian and pagan gods
  • Rules for backalley deals and broken promises
  • The flexible Transpulp skill system, which scales to any skill level necessary
  • Detailed maps of the Interzone as it existed in 1914
  • Enemies, allies, and lovers, from proto-fascist Germans to exotic Martian beauties
  • A complete bibliography for the Naked Jungle series, including the pastiche novels by Philip Marlow

Innocence Games is very proud to be the official publishers for roleplaying games based on these classic works of pulp fiction. William S. Burroughs is the first name in pulp fiction, and without his seminal novels the field as we know it would not exist. For the first time, readers can discover the world that inspired Gygax’s Mysteries and Mugwumps in its purest form. Come. Visit the Interzone. It’s just across the hall.

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[Text is lies. Words are fiction. Truth is dead.]


  1. anonymous anonymous

    Marlowe. Geez, and you used to carry those dogeared copies of _The Big Nod_ and _Farewell, My Lawrence_ all the time, you should know better.

  2. Rob Rob

    I love it! I want to play! I want to play!

    And is “Marlow” (no E) a “The Singing Detective” reference? Or did I just get trolled by the above comment?

  3. t.rev t.rev

    I make a point of correcting Bryant’s spelling, and if I have to make a fictional correction then I damn well will. Plus, harder to make Burroughs puns on the Singing Detective. Plus, I’ve never heard of the Singing Detective. Plus, I’m angry and bitter because I usually make my comments here two days late and no one reads them.

  4. t.rev has the right to make a fictional correction. _The Big Nod_. Heh.

    Yeah, Philip Marlow is a Singing Detective nod. Check it out before the inferior American remake comes out. It’s also, of course, a nod to Phillip Jose Farmer who did this concept in reverse.

  5. P.S.: t.rev wrote a school for UA called, um, what was it called? Democramancy? The school centered around democracy? It would be so good in Unknown USA.

  6. Bush is a fanatic Bush is a fanatic

    Edgar Rice Burroughs, not William

  7. t.rev t.rev

    Now that there was a troll on someone’s part.

    But that’s not my point. I posted something on Saturday on Demourgy (that’s the title to search on, ‘Demourgy’), and it got eaten. Dammit.

  8. t.rev t.rev

    …and my actual COMMENT on Demourgy is that one of my players created it, not me, though I added a bit.

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