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Monday Mashup: Gamememe Mailing List

Since there are a few regular game writing memes out there these days — my Monday Mashup and Ginger’s Game WISH come to mind — I thought it might be nice to have an announcement list for people who want to keep up with them. Thus, I set up a list at Yahoo for precisely that purpose. Right now, every time I post a new Monday Mashup, it’ll send a message to the list. Ginger is setting Game WISH up the same way. The list is moderated, and there shouldn’t ever be any other traffic on it, so it’s just a few posts a week.

Go here to join if you’re interested. If you have a game writing meme and you’d like to use the list to publicize it and you’re using Movable Type (or some other trackback-enabled tool), let me know and I’ll get you set up. If the previous technobabble turns you pale let me know and maybe I can walk you through it.


  1. Another way to do this would be to start a group at Topic Exchange. It might get in front of more people’s eyes, and you’d get a decent RSS feed too.

  2. Doh. That would have been… far easier. Although, hm, it doesn’t do the email thing. I will muse on this — it’s a neat concept.

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