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We didn't mean it

The Sunday London Times reported today that the US/UK WMD report is being shelved. (Here’s the direct link, but it’s only useful if you live in the UK or want to pay some money.) 1,400 people spent four months scouring Iraq for evidence of WMD, but found nothing. So little did they find that they won’t even publish the report.

Now, at the beginning of August, David Kay was talking up his progress. At the time, it was pretty clear that he was setting up the argument that Saddam was maintaining the “capacity” for WMD, rather than having any actual weapons, despite what Bush said before the war.

Now it looks like he was even lying (or sorely mistaken) about that.

I can’t think why anyone on either side of the debate about Iraq wouldn’t want that report to be published. Or is this more of that information that’s too dangerous for ordinary citizens to know?

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