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Vamp said were said

Haven’t seen Underworld yet, but it’s in the theaters. Here’s one take on the similarities between White Wolf’s mythos and the movie. Here’s someone disagreeing. Maybe I’ll get out to see it this afternoon and chime in with my own thoughts.

I’m getting PACER access so I can read the court documents, but once you request access they send you the password via regular mail so it may be a couple of days yet before I can go hunting for minutae.

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  1. MrLeoHeart MrLeoHeart

    UNDERWORLD was more like BLADE than White-wolf, same concept and nothing like White Wolf Mythos. Were-wolves being allergic to silver and Vampires alergic to UV light is not a WHITE WOLF concept. Come on guys, if White Wolf has a case, than Anne Rice should sue White Wolf!

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