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Lawsuit or no lawsuit

Underworld did very impressive numbers at the box office this weekend, bringing in $22 million. That’s about a million bucks under what it cost to make it, which means it’s going to be a solid moneymaker. Expect Underworld 2 sometime in the next couple of years.


  1. Jate Jate

    The movie itself wasn’t too bad. From the reviews they make it sound like an endless action sequence but to me it seemed to not have enough action. The transformations were cool and the overall story and lore of the movie was cool but not so unique.

    the problems i have with the movie is the pacing, acting (shane brolly mostly), and the fact that it messed up my retinas. the pacing of the movie is HORRIBLE there are no smooth transitions from action to drama or reverse. the acting apart from kate beckinsale and bill nighy is ok but brolly is absolutely dreadful. the whole “lets shoot this all in blue” gave a friend of mine headaches afterwards haha. (yes i know it’s underground and at night time most of the time but still throw some green in or something).

    it’s getting a lot of bad reviews because critics were either expecting a horror movie (at the movies critics on NBC) or a romeo and juliet romance-drama emphasized movie (roger ebert). it’s an action genre film. dont watch it unless you’re into that stuff.

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