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Monday Mashup #10: Dukes of Hazzard

Somewhat later than I would like, it’s time for another Monday Mashup. I was forcibly restrained from doing Finnegan’s Wake. People have no sense of fun.

So instead I’ll do something classic. Dukes of Hazzard.

It’s a fun-loving family who’s continually plagued by incompetent venal lawmen for no good reason — kind of an updated Robin Hood, in a way, but without the political aspect. There are lots of car chases, which are close to any gamer’s heart. Have at it, and damned be him who first cries “Hold, enough!” (Couldn’t figure out how to mash Macbeth, but maybe next week.)

This is by nature going to be a bit campy, so I’m going to embrace my inner sense of tacky and go with Rifts. (I only own the main rulebook!) I’m seeing a group of rough and ready humans living on the outskirts of the Coalition; they don’t have a high opinion of the Coalition mucky-mucks, but they don’t much have time for the goofy idealism of the various Coalition enemies either. Sides, the Quad Cities are their home.

The local government is constantly engaged in attempts to siphon off cash from Coalition armies passing through, not to mention itinerant D-Bees. (“Son, have you paid your dimensional transit tax?”) They’re also trying to shut down Uncle Jesse’s powered armor repair shop, the bastards.

The real problem is that the local law keeps getting in over its head, and that causes problems for the rest of the locals, who deserve better… so the Dukes need to keep saving Boss Pigg from himself. They’re the de facto protectors of the area, no matter what the Coalition says. (A little moral paradigm in the middle of the cheese.)

PCs could be almost anything, although D-Bees would be a little hard to justify as family members. I’m imagining a Juicer back from the wars feeling bitter, maybe another brother who got lucky and scored a Glitter Boy, and as many magic-types as the campaign can hold. Lots of flexibility.


  1. t.rev t.rev

    So close…

    Hamlet, Duke of Hazzard

  2. Flit Flit

    OMG… I’m trying to remember if I hallucinated this or not.

    But didn’t Brad and I play a redneck brother and sister pro wrestler pair in a Feng Shui game once? I’m absolutely certain you must have been involved, if so! There was a definite Dukes of Hazzard Vibe.

  3. Based on the Hardy Boyz and Lita. Indeed.

  4. This week, Bryant was forbidden to use Finnegan’s Wake (which I don’t understand; it’s a great pub tune!) and instead…

  5. Bryant has a light and fun Mashup this week…The Dukes of Hazzard….

  6. t.rev t.rev


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