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Time to time

According to, Sapphire and Steel is about to see a DVD release. Sadly, I can’t find a press release on the topic, just the one mention. Still excellent news; this is some of the best of freaky BBC ATV science fiction.

(Thanks to Adam Tinworth for correcting my lame knowledge of British TV.)

(TINWORTH. No excuse except being up till 2 AM last night watching the baseball playoffs.)


  1. Apart from the fact that it wasn’t a BBC show at all, of course.

    I believe Sapphire & Steel was an ATV show. ATV was the ITV Midlands region, and therefore commerical TV, and not Auntie Beeb at all.

    Pedantic, I know, but you Americans have this habit of assuming all British TV is BBC…

  2. Now, you’re just spelling my name wrong to punish me for being a pedant, correct? 🙂

  3. We do have that habit. Before you posted this, I went to the site Bryant linked to, and my first thought was, “ATV? What part of the BBC is that?”

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