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Baen and Dixie

Baen Books publishing repugnant Patriot Movement novels.

Dixie Chicks mouthing off about the President of the United States.

Appropriate reactions. Compare and contrast. I have my own thoughts but I’m curious. This is the first time I can recall making one of these “tell me what you think” posts, so disappoint me at your peril.


  1. Kirby Krueger Kirby Krueger

    Unsurprisingly, from reading your previous post, I find the content of the Baen Book to be pretty vile.

    Now, it’s certainly Baen’s decision to publish any book with a strong political agenda, whether it’s something like this or the latest Al Franken or Rush Limbaugh rant. I certainly don’t think it should be illegal, even if it is distasteful. I heartily encourage people not to buy it, but not publish it? I certainly have no question that it should be legal for them to do so.

    The obvious next level is, should I buy other Baen books? After all, the other authors likely don’t support such views. No, I can’t really think that a boycott is in order. Even if there were evidence that the head of Baen strongly supported these views (which there isn’t), I still would buy books I wanted to read from them. To do otherwise is to deprive myself and authors who do work I like. The argument that it does give money to hate groups isn’t totally without merit, but I choose not to take that side.

    This leaves me in an easy spot to be consistent with the Dixie Chicks, whom I have some agreements with politically (but don’t really like their music.) They can say whatever they want. If I don’t like it, I’m free not to buy their CDs. The record company is certainly free to choose whether or not to distribute Dixie Chick music, but if they want to, go for it.

    Civil liberties are for everyone!

  2. And really, it’s not clear it DOES give money to hate groups — the Patriot movement authors get residuals from, well, their books, not from the books of other Baen authors, and their advances go against that, so, eh. (Not that Kirby took that position, anyway, but I thought it bore comment.)

    Otherwise, Kirby took all the good answers.


  3. Neil Frandsen Neil Frandsen

    The “Patriot Movement” Books mentioned, but _not_ referenced, I cannot comment upon.

    I _do_ find the reference to a Patriot Movement as “Bad”, or Distasteful, puzzling, coming from one of the most Patriotic Populations on our Planet!

    I am an Albertan, born in the Crowsnest Pass, and now hapilly retired in Lethbridge.


  4. The term “Patriot Movement,” in the United States, has been co-opted by right-wing fanatics who believe that they legally don’t have to pay taxes and that the UN is plotting to take over the US.

    It’s regrettable.

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