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Home run!

Home run!

Yeah, it’s way dorky to be celebrating a single win when there are two to go. But — this is joy; this is the sweet pleasure of being a Red Sox fan. This is why we put up with the suffering. This is victory in Red Sox Nation.

We still believe


  1. It does beat a sweep, win or lose for the Red Sox.

    Of course, you do realize that if by some miracle the Red Sox AND the Cubs both make it into the World Series, some catastrophe will occur to keep either from winning the Series…the universe will not be able to stand the strain of both teams in the WS. 😀

  2. Yeah, I’m expecting the world to end. There’s not much in the way of the Cubbies if they can win today — the Marlins are spunky but the Cubs have pitching.

  3. Why do Red Sox fans remind of me abused spouses? 😉 They, like, deal with all the crap for almost a hundred years, but that’s okay, ’cause they won one game. I mean, heck, we even lit up the Prudential Tower for’em.

  4. “Pedro didn’t mean to walk that batter.”

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