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While you slept

Couple of things you may have missed in the excitement of the recall:

Condoleezza Rice is now in charge of Iraq. The State Department couldn’t get it done, and the Pentagon couldn’t get it done, so it’s the White House’s turn. Somewhat surprisingly, nobody told Rumsfeld.

Judge Brinkema decided that since Zacarias Moussaoui can’t introduce the evidence that might exonerate him, prosecutors can’t introduce evidence that might convict him. The government considered putting Moussaoui before a military tribunal, but perhaps realized that it might look as though military tribunals and the enemy combatant label were just terms of convenience. It kind of bothers me that the government is blowing the case against an admitted Al Qaeda operative — get the damned evidence out there and let’s see what’s what already.

Oh, and Arnold won. Cross your fingers that he lets Warren Buffet run the California economy. I don’t think that’ll happen, but honestly? It might just barely be worth the rest of it if someone as financially savvy as Buffet is getting California out of its budget problems.

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