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Bigger burger

O’Sullivan’s Pub in Somerville has burgers that are two inches thick, made of ground sirloin, and if you want they’ll put garlic on it. Or roll ‘em in pepper. Or whatever. Also, the french fries are slabs of potato. The beer selection isn’t great, but they have Bass on draft, so that’s OK.

I’m feeling very content, food-wise, just now.


  1. Yes! Yes! Haven’t been there in years; glad to hear the food hasn’t changed. Do you remember it before the renovation that gave it the glossy-wood-exterior-irish-pub appearance? It had a cinderblock windowless front with a painting of a hamburger flanked by the words Burger|Bar. The burger was hemispherical, like a basketball sliced in half and amateurishly painted to resemble a Whopper.

    Did you know that the funds to renovate it came from a community development grant? All true. You know you’re a dive when the public chips in money to make your building less ugly.

    Makes me nostalgic for Nick’s Beef and Beer Haus, which didn’t have burgers of the same quality but did have lighting made of those fake plastic logs with red “fire” bulbs mounted incongrously on the wall at head height as if they were all looking for a fireplace to live in. Now it’s a fern bar.

  2. Sadly I’d never been there before. It’s such the cliche Irish pub these days — I can easily see a community development grant board deciding it needed more Irishness. Hee.

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