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  1. shawn grueser shawn grueser

    Listen up… This is the real Shawn Grueser the one everyone is talking about. frist off Lt. Col Caraccilo was my commander while I was in Iraq with the 173rd airborne BDE the only army unit to parachute into combat. He is not a liar, he is the only commander in todays army who cares for his troops not his career, he is the best commander I ever had. He wrote the letter for a reason, because the 173rd did more in the war in Iraq than most army units. where was our inbeded reporters. They were to busy riding in bullet proof aarmy tanks, and hiding with the 3ID, because they were to chicken to follow a paratrooper into battle, PARACHUTE in the middle of the night with 100+ pounds of gear and then walk with it to fight. We had no reporters to tell the world how we ran off 5 corps of repulican guard in the north when they saw the night sky fill up with silk parachutes. All Caraccilo did was write a letter and the soliders who were leaving Iraq early to move to yet another duty station, because they would not be with the 173rd when it redeployed to enjoy all the awards ceremonies, so he gave our hometown papers a letter of my success while there I did not sign the letter but by god I would have. The only pereson who made a big deal was the stuid ass ass. press geek Ledge King he called me all the time and tried to down grade me for the letter, the day after I returned from war. I still was trying to forget the things I had seen and the bullets wizzing past my head and this lazy ass reporter was to worried about making himself known then to leave a VET alone..If I ever cross paths with this man I will punch him in his face for degradeing me. I served my country and bled the same blood my for fathers have so he can have his freedom to write and degrade VETs like me so I am proud of what my commandr wrote and I wish I had signed it so all you people who did not agree with what happened with the letters and who are agianst this war can kiss my red, white and bllue veteran ass!!!!!!! AIRBORNE
    SSG Shawn Grueser……………

  2. Hey, Shawn — thank you for clarifying what happened. It sucks to be misquoted. For the record, I was against the war but that doesn’t stop me from being proud of the troops; I have huge respect for the people who are willing to go out there and fight for my right to say whatever the hell I want.

    Thank you for your service.

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