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Watching the dock

Also from Phil Carter, we have a blog dedicated to the DC sniper trial. It’s sponsored by the Virginian-Pilot. A little bit gawkerish, perhaps, but it’s news and there’s something to be said for opening up the courts.

In any case, it’s important for what it represents. Journalists have better access than the rest of us; it’s always nice to see them using blogs and the rapid update paradigm to bring us that news.


  1. Indeed, although one has to be very careful about blogging about the same thing that one is paid to write about. I carefully steer clear of explicity writing in the same field as the day job for that reason: I owe that stuff to my employer first.

    That doesn’t mean that I’m not talking to them about using blogging tech in an intersting way, though…

  2. Yep. C.f. the Kevin Sites thing back in the spring. I notice that he’s back to blogging again, now that he’s a freelancer.

    My pal Ryan, over at Dead Parrots, works for Spokane’s Spokesman-Review. As far as I can tell, he spends a lot of his time evangelizing blogging in the newsroom and helping people blog. Interesting to watch him bring the benefits of official blogs to his newspaper.

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