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WISH 69: Board?

WISH 69: Non-RPG Games for Gamers asks about the other side of the gaming world:

Recommend three non-RPG games for RPGers. Why do you recommend these three?

Well, blackjack is lots of fun — no? Oh, got it.

Diplomacy, first off. It takes a while to play, and some RPG groups are used to those six to eight hour sessions. Plus you can roleplay the countries. Plus it’s a sneaky introduction to the idea of diceless gaming.

Shadowfist, second. Eeek, a collectible card game! But it’s a ton of fun, it has a goofy exciting setting, and a lot of roleplayers I know enjoy it.

Finally, Cosmic Encounter. It’s a classic board game for a reason. There’s a good measure of skill and a good measure of randomness and every game is different, to borrow the marketing slogan.

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