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  1. For the sake of reference, I’m not entirely confident that “[i]t is a requirement of eBay as well as unde the provisions of the U.S. Criminal Cpode that a seller know the authenticity of a trademarked item s/he is selling.”

  2. Now, that is amusing. I’ve put up auctions a few times for collectible stuff that I knew nothing amount, like Viewmaster reels. I wish I had taken this guy’s approach.

  3. Damn funny listing.

    Sheesh, sitting at $860 as I write this – for 26 little stuffed animals? People will buy anything… 😉

  4. This demonstrates that writing can make you money in interesting ways.

  5. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen on E-bay. I am going to use some of his “writing style” when I start selling my old junk. Now if only I could get a quarter of what he did….

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