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Panning theories

Advantage, moi. Well, more or less. Saith the Boston Dirt Dogs, with no cited source so it’s just a rumor:

The real story behind the story:  Manny asked the Red Sox put him on irrevocable waivers and insisted to Theo that the Yankees would claim up… so they called his bluff.

Yes, that is only sort of close to my theory, but either way you’ve got the key element in place: the waiver was agreed upon by both the Sox and Manny beforehand. OK, what else we got?

We got this article, in which Buster Olney goes mildly insane and decides that the Yankees won’t claim Manny because if they did, the Red Sox could go get an overpriced closer from the Astros, which would allow the Astros to sign Pettite. Nah, we’ve got Williamson, we’re feeling good. The rest of the reasons it won’t happen seem legit, though.

We also got this one from Gammons, which further validates the idea that this whole thing was at least partially Manny’s idea.

And I thought I was done with Red Sox bloggery. (On to the Celtics!)

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