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Media bias

Glenn Reynolds wants to know if Hollywood is swinging conservative. He quotes one of his readers:

“At the moment it is almost impossible to imagine Hollywood producing a MASH or Catch 22 or Doctor Strangelove (Although I hasten to add Strangelove will always be in my top five movies.) It wouldn’t dare. They may still smile knowingly over their designer water at home but not in their films.”

The terrifying “they.”

In any case, someone’s suffering a severe failure of imagination, I fear. As a corrective measure, I’d recommend that Glenn and his correspondant spend a day with their DVD players. Start out with Three Kings, which is topically applicable and which came out four years ago. Move on to Hulk, for a more current movie with no fondness for the military. And just to make the situation crystal clear, pop in The Quiet American. (Which nearly didn’t get released, admittedly — but which, in the end, did.)


  1. Ahh. Yeah, I knew there was something else recent and I couldn’t remember what. That was it. Thanks!

  2. robert beach robert beach

    i love statistics!!!…….email me to see what’s in my gemoetry toolkit…..i have a turtle named squishy

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